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85vette 02-20-2020 06:05 AM

Whatís old is new again!
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A lot has transpired in the past few years of my life. I was supervising a DOT project here in Florida starting back in 2015. It was a contract position and was to end in July of 2020 unless the company I worked for got a renewal. One of my associates was quite taken with my 2004 CTS V and had expressed a desire to buy it should I ever consider selling it. Long story short, I made a deal with him about two years ago and made him one happy man. Fast forward, the contract renewal didnít happen and my wife and I took a bold step and got our CDL class A licenses, went to work for a transportation company about a year ago. Best thing we ever did! With a year under our belts weíre a hot commodity today and were recruited by a specialty company that has promised us a yearly income north of $160K! Meanwhile my buddy who had bought my Caddy had been having some medical issues and, due to having seizures, was on the verge of losing his drivers license. So last week I got my hot rod Cadillac back! I didnít realize how much I had missed it until I drove it up from Orlando last Friday! The thrill is back!

vett boy 02-20-2020 08:19 AM

A CDL is better than most college degree . I understand on the Caddy as I'm trying to buy my 03 C5 back .

85vette 02-20-2020 09:47 AM

You're right. These companies are constantly in search of clean CDL holders and they offer some really good pay packages to get them.

Good luck on getting your car back. I was just going down to have dinner with my buddy when he sprang this on me! It was quite unexpected. He was quite emotional what with his prognosis and giving back the car. I'm sure he could have sold it to anyone but he knew what the car meant to me and wanted me to have it back.

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