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WTT (Want To Trade) 12xx mile UNICORN every option checked VY Z06 6MT bone stock + ex
Feeler: Hello guys! On November 22nd, 2017 I purchased this 2009 VY 3lz Spyder wheels, CF interior trim, Bose audio, 6MT etc. every option checked z06 with 370 original miles in North Carolina. The original owner let his wife sit in it once LOL! I drove back to Miami never exceeding 27/2800 rpm the entire trip because I was nervous about the heads lol...... It has 1250-1275 total miles now after the trip. I don't daily drive this car whatsoever, I warm it up for 20-30 minutes 3-4x a week, and roll the tires over to maintain longevity and to have no irregular wear. I also wash/wax/clean interior of this car 2x a month so it is literally a museum quality car. (the tires and wheels along with literally the entire car are brand new, no issues at all. The original window sticker is laminated. The original multiple owner's manuals are laminated. I still have the original passenger sun visor plastic, and the seat coverings too!!! Dual magenta 427 badges on either side of bulged hood. Full cargo shade, plus under hood decal. Full CF interior and leather trim. Bose audio. Has a specific corvette z06 optimized trickle charger as well.... If I wanted to sell this car, how much should I ask for? I have a whole list of photos and everything on my phone which I will be more than glad to share over text. The car is stored in a secure oceanside apartment in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, so no concern security or corrosion wise there! I am also open to trades to cars both modified and stock with manual transmissions and no sunroofs! My cell # is 305-333-5908, please TEXT! I respond very quickly! Looking forward to hearing from you all, thanks!


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