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Rich Z 07-05-2006 01:59 AM

Sponsor advertising on
I guess I need to make this a bit easier for people to find and understand if I expect to get more responses about it. :D

What I am offering at the current time are two vehicles for sponsors to advertise on this site. The first one is via 120x60 banner graphics that you can see in the left hand margin of every screen displayed on this site. The images will be fixed, meaning that they will be displayed for each page instead of rotating the image through a single zone. The length of the vertical column will be extended as much as is needed, but if by some miracle it actually extends far below the bottom of the message text page,then I will have to figure out something to make it work for everyone. I can set the program to generate a random order for display in a fixed number of banner positions, so that would be a possibility, if needed. If often helps to break up the monotony of the same ads at the same place anyway, that eventually just don't register with people.

The price for this advertising is extremely modest at only $1 per day per banner ad. This is all handled through a rather neat little program I have been using for quite a while that handles this sort of thing for my other sites. The main entry way to this program can be accessed at, which will ask you to log in if you are registered, and if not already registered, require you do to so before you can get into the main system. There is also a FAQ section which goes into some of the details necessary for setting up your account and also setting up your own banner ad at ->

The interesting thing about this program is that it is completely self service. Once you register, you pay into your account via a PayPal account (minimum $10 per deposit), set up your own banner ad, and as long funds have been paid into your account, it starts running immediately! You can change you own banner ad every 10 minutes if you want to. Of you can have 10 banner ads and run all or selected ones as you want to during certain periods of the day. When your account begins to run low on funds, you are sent an email notice to alert you of this condition so you can replenish your account to keep the banner ads running without interruption. if things appear slow at certain times of the year, simply pause the running of the ad and your funds will not be used up needlessly until you decide to again resume the running of the ad.

It is a very easy program to learn and negotiate, and I can't think of anyone on my other sites who have used it who didn't really like it's flexibility.

Changes made to the Sponsorship options effective 09/13/07:

The other option available to sponsors is to have their own sponsorship link associated with particular forums on this site. This option costs just $100 per year and is done via the Paid Subscription code on this site at -> You can reach this page manually via the drop down menu list from the User CP option on the menu line at the top of the page on this site. When you go to this option, at the prompt for "cost", you simply click on that option and select the only payment option available.

Note: Any sponsor CAN sponsor one or more of any of the available forums. And any forum can have multiple sponsors associated with it.

There are currently three payment options available:
  • 1 year - $100
  • 2 years - $175
  • 3 years - $250

This also works via a PayPal interface and automatically accepts payment that way. Once this payment and setup is done, then I manually need to actually set up the forum for you.

If a sponsor does not have a PayPal account, then they will need to contact me to make other arrangements for payment.

Once you have gone through the process of paying for the sponsorship, I will need the following info from you in order to proceed setting it up:
  1. The name of your link as you want it to appear for your chosen forum.
  2. A short text description of the general merchandise or services that you offer.
  3. Forward your 468x60 GIF or JPG graphic banner to me at Please try to keep the banner under 50K for bandwidth considerations. NO animations, please. Static images only.
  4. The URL that you want both the link and the banner to point to when someone clicks on it.

Another sponsor option is your very own forum on this site. You not only get your banner and business name displayed on the main page of this forum, but you also have your very own space in order to post specials, advertise merchandise and services, and have an open forum to discuss topics with current and future customers. That feature costs $200 per year, which is a real bargain, all things considered. Now for this sponsor option, I will need the following once payment is made (again, through the Paid Subscriptions page on this site):
  1. The name as you want it to appear for your chosen forum
  2. A short text description of the general goals and direction for your forum to follow.
  3. Forward your 468x60 GIF or JPG graphic banner to me at Please try to keep the banner under 50K for bandwidth considerations. NO animations, please. Static images only.

More options may be added later on as deemed prudent and reasonable, but for now I think that will suffice to give any potential sponsors a method to not only promote their own products and services, but also help out with the support of this site as well.

And with that in mind, of course, members here really should try to thank those sponsors with their business whenever possible. The best way to keep them here helping out is to give them a good reason to do so (besides just being great guys helping out a great site, of course! :) ). So let them know that you appreciate their help.

If anyone has any further questions about what I have stated here, simply let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


MADN3SS 07-05-2006 09:06 AM

Your sticky doesn't seem to be sticking...:shrug01:

RevXtreme 1 08-19-2007 12:14 PM

This is excellent Rich! Just what I needed. I will give this info to my admin and you should have all our info set-up soon. Thanks for simplifying it!:thumbsup:


Rich Z 09-13-2007 04:29 PM

Changes have been made to the sponsor program on this site. Please make note of the changes.

BTW, this program is STILL under construction, so please pardon the dust....


Rich Z.

dvdcta 07-19-2008 12:32 PM

where the hell is crawford ?????

MRS. XTREME 07-19-2008 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by dvdcta (Post 64820)
where the hell is crawford ?????

Crawfordville is right outside Tallahasse.
Maybe 30-45mins depending on where you are coming from in Tally and how deep your going into Crawfordville.

Rich Z 07-19-2008 03:23 PM

Yep. Due south of Tallahassee on route 319. BTW, isn't Naples in Italy? :hehehe:

dvdcta 07-20-2008 07:51 PM

I'am in naples don't get to to north If you ask me about marco yes

dvdcta 08-07-2008 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by Rich Z (Post 64837)
Yep. Due south of Tallahassee on route 319. BTW, isn't Naples in Italy? :hehehe:


jformato 11-24-2008 04:51 PM

Hello I am interested in becoming a vendor Please give me a call 813-495-8778 or 813-476-7364. Thank you
Jeremy Formato

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