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ClockworkC5 05-20-2011 01:38 PM

hvac maintenance
your hvac system in your house, like everything else requires a little maintenance. as im sure everyone here has found out the hard way, a little preventative maintenance can save you a fortune. heres a few things that you can do to help keep your hvac system in good working, efficient operations.

1. pony up a few extra bucks for a better filter. look for a filter with a thicker filter media, stronger backing to resist deformation. these will dramatically improve your indoor air quality as well as keep the coils clean and you wont have that black dust coming out of your grills/registers. many filters are specifically designed to help with allergens.

2. clean the coils. the coils of the air handler and compressor are heat sinks and work best when clean and free of debris. cleaning them is as simple as getting a coil cleaner spray. the contenst of the can penetrate into the coil and rapidly expand breaking loose any debris or foreig objects. it quickly dissipates and drains away, no need to rinse. your air handler coils should be relatively clean, but you may be surprised. take a look when you change the filter. the compressor out side, is ussually on the receiving end of the lawn mower discharge, has weeds growing up and into them. clean everything out. remove surrouning grass, weeds, whatever. most manufacturers recomend the compressor to sit on a concrete pad to keep it up and away from everything. also there are recommended clearances around the unit to allow for proper air flow and heat transfer.

3. you can quickly improve the efficiency of your hvac system by shading the compressor. the coils on the compressor act to dissipate heat. if they are sitting in direct sunlight, they will get extremely hot, and have to work 2x as hard to dissipate the heat. by simply shading (allowing for manufacturer recommended clearances around the unit for proper air flow) will increase the lifetime of the unit and actually save money on your electric bill.

there are other things that can/should be done, but this is long enough as is. let me know if you have any questions.

cupidsrose 09-18-2013 02:18 AM

Hi, everybody, I am a new friend.
Hi, everybody, I am a new friend.:)

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