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Default #### C5 Clear corner light install ####

I installed some new clear corner lights from Vertex Racing

I used the chrome coated amber bulbs from

Tools needed:

small ratchet 1/4 drive
9/32 socket or nut driver
10mm socket
3/8 drive ratchet with extension and swivel
BEER and patience

First get the front of the car off the ground....I used Rhino ramps but I suppose you could lift each side individually.

Now using the 9/32 socket you need to remove the front corner spoiler and the black close out panel

You will be able to see the 9/32 screws that secure the light in only need to remove the one closest to the outside of the car as the other 2 hold the fixture to the plastic mount which you will see when it is you need to push the brake cooling duct down and out of your way so you can reach the 10mm screw securing the front part of the light...this is a beotch and also where the ratchet with swivel comes in handy. After the screws are out there is a small reatining spring holding the fixture in place..carefully remove it from the light and leave the other end hooked up.....its easy to reinstal and it slides into a notch in the back of the black mount for the light....its pretty self explanatory.

Now you have this

take the remaining 9/32 screws out and remove the black mount from the light fixture

Now attach the new light to the black mount

before you do anything else put your new bulbs in the socket.

Carefully slide the new fixture up into place and reinstal the bulbs and re-attach the spring...

Now slide the fixture in place and this is where it gets fun...reach up and move the brake duct out of your way enough to jam your hand (which doesn't fit) into the opening and get the 10mm screw started on the front part of the new light. Now move around front and tighten with the 10mm socket using the ratchet with swivel attached....this is where patience and beer comes in handy Now reinstall the 9/32 screw on the other end. Check to make sure the lights work before re-installing the closeout panel and spoiler. You are all set. the other side.

Pics of finished work. I had the turn signal on to show different levels of brightness.

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