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Originally Posted by Rich Z View Post
Isn't that attached to the fuse box? Seems to me I played around with just removing the fuse to see what the exhaust sounded like in bypass mode. So perhaps the fuse blew?

Who installed it for you or was that a DIY project?
Greg did at Anitvenom last May. Sometimes the one hose comes off the left muff whenever i drive over 100 mph and i have to slip it back on but that is not the problem. Hoses are on the NPP box and on the Intake. The remote seems to work as the red light comes on then i press it. Maybe the y splitter somewhere under the back is the problem and one of the hoses came off.

Mine stays open most of the time but sometime i like it with less sound,. I have no cats at all and it is loud when i get on it. Could be a fuse. I know he ran the wire from the NPP box to the fuse box.
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