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More pics showing the side that actually attaches to the molding via what looks like tracks.

But maybe I have been jumping to a confusion here. I was assuming that these weatherstrips are glued into place as well as being "locked" into tracks. And it is because of the glue that chunks of the weatherstrip may come away from the main piece while being removed. Or is it that pieces come off because of being locked into the tracks and being stuck there when being removed? If this is so, then I need to rethink keeping these used weatherstrips if they are missing significant areas that are needed to keep them locked into the tracks. Having never seen the weatherstrips laying on a bench, I just don't know if there is something significant missing from them or not.

I actually can try to match them up with the moldings because I do have the spare moldings laying on a shelf, so perhaps that will show me more. Still, if there are some sort of tabs that more securely hold the weatherstrip in place that are missing, I really won't know that even trying to fit them into place.

I may need to try to order new ones just to see if they are still available from GM. If not, I may be stuck with having to try to work with used ones instead. Perhaps I could get my own weatherstrips off of my car without damaging them, but heck, that is going to be pretty chancy. No telling how those moldings got broken as they are, so not sure what removing the weatherstrips and the moldings might show underneath them. I might not really want to know, and maybe best to leave this to whoever I get to paint the car down the road. But I DO want to get whatever might be needed now before all this stuff just becomes real tough to find on an older model C5.
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