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Southwest Florida Corvette Club Club New, local events, local information relating to maintenance of our cars, a way to announce our events.

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Default October 2007 newsletter

October Meeting newsletter


Judy Galewski 239-574-2571
VP Ways & Means:
Marshall Lieberman 239-768-2882
VP Competition:
Dominic DiBattista 239-574-8204
Joan DiBattista 239-574-8204

NCCC Governor:
Bev Dobbins 239-283-1452
Web Master & Club Photographer
Linda Duschl
Public Relations Chairperson
Armando Sampedro
E-mail address:

President’s Message

The weather here is still in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s, and the weather up north has been mixed. I suspect we’ll be seeing some of our vacationing friends soon. We are looking forward to seeing good friends again.

Our Thanksgiving family will be served a little differently this year. Instead of taking our club donation in person, we will donate canned goods and cash to the United Way. They will provide the perishable items for the dinner and will make sure it is delivered in our name.

We have just completed the election of officers for next year. Bev Dobbins was nominated from the floor for President by Dan Irons to run against the current president, Judy Galewski. Bev Dobbins nominated Debbie McClellan for the open position of Treasurer. Results: Judy Galewski, President; Dom DiBattista, Vice President, Competition, Joan DiBattista, Secretary; Marshall Lieberman, Vice President, Ways & Means; Bev Dobbins, Governor; Debbie McClellan; Treasurer. We thank those who were present to vote.

We need to bring some ideas to the forefront so everyone might think about it. There seems to be members out there who feel that our Club is not organizing the events that they would like to be involved in. The fact is…this is YOUR club. The board is here to run the club meetings and bring events to your attention, and keep the rules, and keep the membership lists, etc., etc. If you have an interest that isn’t being covered, it is up to you, as a member, to bring it to the attention of the club via the Board, and also to volunteer to head a committee to lead in the organization of the event in which you are interested.

Please, please, please….bring your thoughts and ideas to the attention of the board, and participate in the organizing and performing of these events.

We, as a Board, can do only what we have information on, and if there is information that we are not aware of, please bring it to our attention, so that we can better serve you, our members.

Judy Galewski

Meeting Minutes for October 16, 2007

Before the start of the meeting tonight, we sang Happy Birthday to Rudy. He is celebrating a special one – 60!

The meeting was called to order by
Judy Galewski at 7:00 PM.

A motion was made that September’s
newsletter stands approved as circulated.

We welcomed back Ken Cina and Rich

We had a good time at Mariner High School for the Homecoming Parade - The students were very polite and well behaved.

Several of our members won trophies at the Spooktacular event – Rudy Nielson, Armando Sampedro, Jim Brackett, Joanne & Dan Irons, Rich Mil and Dom DiBattista
Nice Job Folks!!!

Members that will be attending the Xmas Party will receive half the cost of their ticket back after the party.


The report was read explaining our current expenses and bank balance. If anyone would like a copy of the report, please contact Joan.


Marshall Lieberman was not able to attend tonight’s meeting. Per the information from last month’s meeting, we have 63 members and 48 cars and we have 34 NCCC members.


New rulebook will be voted on for approval at the National Governor meeting. If approved, it will appear on the web site. A new form in the new NCCC packets, due in January, if you want to request a free paper copy of the rulebook or CD. Most rule changes are for racing and auto crossing.

It is election time for NCCC and if the club has not objections, I will be voting for the 2009 Convention to be held in Colorado. The 2008 Convention is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The only position that has opposition is the Business Manager for National NCCC officers. Our RCD is running for the position and if no one objects, I will register our vote for Manny.

At the December Regional Governor meeting, we will be given the calendar books to distribute to NCCC members in our club. Also, the member pins if they are ready to be given out.

Our Secretary has resigned, so Marcella is filling in and was nominated to run for the position for the coming year.

There are two choices for the car raffle – if you win you can take the car or $30,000 cash.

They are looking for ways to get people more involved in NCCC with Concourse shows and making Blue Bars magazine more interesting. Manny is working on preparing a spread sheet of each step in order of completion and where to find the information in the rule book, so the paperwork for a Concourse show will be less intimidating for people. Also, if you have ideas put them in writing to
Manny Montgomery
12313 Caron Dr.,
Jacksonville, Fl. 32258

Glenn Hutchinson
2904 SE 5th Place
Cape Coral, Fl. 33904

Patsy Shearer
1046 Fairlawn dr.
Rockledge, Fl 32955

If you would like to enroll a child under 16 in the FOCA (Future Owners Corvette Assoc.) fill out the form and send a one time fee of $5.00. See Bev for the forms.

Also, if you would like any NCCC Region patches or static cling emblems for your car windows let Bev know. Patches are $3.00 and emblems are $1.00. She will pick them up at the next meeting in December.


Linda Duschl, our Web Master & Club Photographer requested members to send her photos that you have taken at various events and she will put them on the web site.

Pictures from the Spooktacular Event have been added to the site.


Armando did not attend this month’s meeting, since he was in Kentucky. However, Roger filled in for him and picked up several business cards that he thought the club would be interested in and at the end of the newsletter you will find the information.


Dom discussed upcoming events and requested the members’ review the last few pages of the Newsletter and check the link sites for more information about the events that they may want to do as a club event.

The Club has decided to make the following Club Events –

Saturday, November 10th Veteran’s Parade
Meeting place and time to be determined

Saturday, November 17th
Ultimate Corvette Party - Ferman
Meeting place and time to be determined

Sunday, February 17th –
Corvettes at Crafts
Edison Festival of Lights
The Edison Festival of Lights
Coordinator has requested the club
volunteer for the various events during
the week of the festival. – Don’t forget to
give a few hours, this will help us with
our event.

Other events are listed at the end of the newsletter.


Several members suggested that the club look into some driving trips – mystery cruise, auto cross and some fun runs. Some of our members have had experience with these types of events and are looking into putting some ideas together. We are looking forward to their ideas and assistance planning an event.

The club has approved the purchase of a banner.

Also, the club approved the purchase of a ticket for the Taste of theTown for the Junior League of Ft Myers.



50/50 – Joanne Irons was the lucky
winner of tonight’s 50/50
Also, we had some T-shirts winners this month – Linda Duschl
Rich Mullikin
Harold Hoover
Jill Zaiser
You can see Debbie to place your order for club shirts. The cost is $30 and there are sample shirts for you to check sizing.
Debbie can be reached at 239-458-9119.

Remember this is your spot if you have something you want to sell. It does not
have to be just parts for the Vette


Julie Draper
Linda Duschl
Sally Blackmore
John Kakatsch
Judy Galewski
Rudy Nielson

Joan & Dom DiBattista
Joyce & Rich Mullikin
Norma & Jim Brackett
Gwen & Tom Horn

If I missed anyone, especially our new members, for their birthday or anniversary,
please let me know.

Enjoy your special day!

Dan Irons requested that we bring new hats for the children at Health Park – remember new hats only.

Don’t forget to bring new hats for –
Barbara’s Friends at the Health Park – Oncology Department for the children that are receiving treatment for cancer.

When you are out shopping pick up a hat or two and bring them to our meeting .

Trivia Questions:

1. What is the name of the orange exterior paint color introduced with the 2005 Corvette?

2. What year Corvette offered the most exterior color options and how many?

Note: for answers to this month’s trivia questions, search the newsletter.

Zora Arkus – Duntov

In 1963, Zora launched the Grand Sport program. The idea was to create a lightweight Corvette weight 1,800 pounds and race it against GT-Class cars at 377ci, output was projected at 550 hp at 6,400rpm. But as it had so often, GM prohibited Zora from racing. The five Grand Sports built landed in private hands and Zora somehow got to support them in spite of the official ban.

Zora retired in 1975 comfortable that Corvette was moving ahead, but his legend continued to grow. He took part in the rollout of the One-Millionth Corvette in Bowling Green in 1992
(a previous “trivia” question). Zora drove the bulldozer at ground breaking for the National Corvette Museum in 1994. Six weeks before his death Zora was a guest speaker at “Corvette: A celebration of an American Dream”, held at Jack Cauley Chevrolet Detroit. On hand were Dave McLellan his successor as Corvette chief engineer and Dave Hill – Zora stole the show.

What an important ingredient he was to our beloved Corvette.

Zora Arkus-Duntov died April 21, 1996.

A letter from Debbie and Ernie:

To our friends of
Southwest Florida Corvette Club

We would like to thank each and
every one of you for joining us in the celebrations of our 40th wedding anniversary. It was a very special time for both of us and it was extremely heart warming to see all of you that took the time out your busy schedule and traveled great distances to be there. We feel we are truly blessed to have such great friends. We especially want to thank all of you for the gifts and the travel voucher. We’re very lucky to belong to such a close-knit club such as this one. God bless all of you.

Debbie and Ernest

If you are aware that one of our members is ill, just had surgery or a death in the family, please let your secretary know, we will put the information in the newsletter or e-mail our members, so we can all send cards to help cheer them up. Thank you

Here is the information that Roger thought that some of you would be interested in checking out:

The Bejeweled Penguin
1924 Park Meadows Dr.
Ft. Myers, Fl33907

Estero Bay Chevrolet
Mark Ruset
Service Manager
10640 Chevrolet Way
Estero, Fl 33928

RPM Engineering
Mobile Chassis Dyno
Ft. Myers, Fl

We would like to thank Peggy for providing the goodies this month. We were treated to some delicious cookies and milk. Yum! Yum!

Answers to this month’s trivia questions

1. Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic
2. 1981 – 22 color options


Javona Addis

Date – November 20th
Meeting time - 7:00 PM
When - THIRD Tuesday of the Month
Place – Ft Myers Christian Church
5616 Winkler Ave., Ft. Myers
14498 South Tamiami Trail
Fort Myers, Fl.
Tel: (239) 432-1700
Fax: (239) 432-0253

Please take a few minutes and review the following information. If any event is of interest to you, use the link and visit the site. We’ll be looking for input for future club events at our monthly meetings. If you would like to E-mail a suggestion I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Dom

Upcoming Events & Site Links

(Club events are shown in red)
October 2007

19th to 21st Cape Kennedy Corvette Club 40th Anniversayry Party, Rally & Concourse
Cocoa Beach
27th Roger’s Cruizin Orlando

November 2007

4th Corvettes in Motion Fun Run & Show Homosassa
10th Veteran’s Day Parade Cape Coral
10th River District Cruise In and Block Party
5P.M. to 8 PM

10th & 11th Corvette Garden Party Clearwater

17th Ultimate Corvette Party
For additional information contact: Tommy Farruggio (
Tampa Bay Vettes) at (813)309-1542 , e-mail

18th Corvettes of Naples Annual Vette Together for Charity Car & Truck Show @ the Riverview Corp. Center on Hwy 41 in Bonita Springs, just North of the Imperial River Bridge. Show open to ALL cars and trucks.

December 2007

1st Club Christmas Party

2nd Rock “til you drop car show & Concert
Fort Myers River District
January 2008

6th Fort Myers Toyota & Corvettes on the Gulf Annual Classis Car Show
Fort Myers Toyata 4565 Fowler St.
13th Cape Coral 16th Annual Car Show
Jaycee Park
Steve Westphal Auto Showcase & Edison Region AACA
239-772-9209 or 433-0515

27th Cape Coral Seahawk Car Fest
Cape Coral HS 2300 Santa Barbara Blvd
Marching Seahawks
Carolyn Baar 239-214-2276
February 2008

10th Cape Coral 4th Annual Silver Magic Car Show
Mariner HS Stadium, 701 Chiquita Blvd.
Silver Magic Boosters

17th Corvettes at Crafts---Edison Festival of Light
Centennial Park Fort Myers.

24th Vette & Chevy Show on the River (Corvettes of Charlotte County)
Gilchrist Park Charlotte Harbor

24th Ft Myers 31st Annual Festival of Wheels (8am-5pm)
Lakes Park 7330 Gladiolus Drive
Timeless Traveling Treasures Car Club 236-656-3513

These are links to car shows in the state of Florida:
Pretty much stock
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Thanks again for posting Linda - now if we could get them to read it...
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Originally Posted by als2052 View Post
Thanks again for posting Linda - now if we could get them to read it...
Pretty much stock
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