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The Ranting Room Got a gripe about life? Want to sound off about the unfairness of the universe? Does something just REALLY piss you off? Well, come on in and talk about it!

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Unread 11-02-2007, 10:24 PM   #11
98 softtail
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Sounds like he was after your 'vette. A fake dogbite is an easy lawsuit. He probably scratched his hand himself. Do not settle this if it goes to court, or take him to court for the distress and monetery loss it caused you and your wife. Strike FIRST.

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Unread 11-03-2007, 04:15 PM   #12
"Backyard Mechanic"
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Originally Posted by "Backyard Mechanic" View Post
Notice to all pet owners:

Well are phone has not worked for 4 days,the phone company (Sprint) keep telling us someone will be over,finally yesterday a man came by to fix are phones,he needed in the backyard,so we put are 3 dogs out front,which is fenced off completely from the backyard with a 3 foot white picket fence,he had NO reason to go in the front,but he decided while he went from the house to his van,he would reach over and down the front fence,mind you he knew the dogs we're there,they we're barking at him,like a good dog is suppose to do.he then left to go down the road to do something at the phone pole,he then came back and told my wife that the dog,our black Lab. had bitten his hand when he reached in and over the fence before he had left.My wife ask him if she could see the bite,he said no and he had a bandade over his ring finger only,no blood was over his hand.He then fixed the phone and told her that he had to call his boss,His boss told him to go to the hositpal,The phone guy kept telling my wife it was his fault for reaching over the fence and he was fine.

About 2 hours later the local animal control offciar came by,Mary was not home so they left a piece of paper stateing to call them,she did and did not get a hold of anyone.

Today the offcair came back and told us that they had to take are dog away for 10 days.Mary explained what had happened,but they did not care and had to take the dog away.The offcair even meet are black lab and could not believe that are dog would bite someone,he is old and very over wieght and is a big teddy bear.So Mary ask if she could bring Jasper ( black lab) to the humane socity so it was less streesful on the dog.The offcail agreed and followed here there.

It was going to cost US 150$ to hold the dog for those 10 days,Yes we would have to pay for it because some Idoit put his hands over the fence and supposely got biting.

Mary of course called me at work to let me know what was happening,As you may or may not know,I am a electrition and for the last several days I have been wiring a local County Commisioner house,He heard what was going on while I was on the phone,he then asked me for the case # and made one phone call about this problem.At the same time Mary was on the way to the humane socity,In about 3 mins. he told my to call my wife and have her turn around and bring the dog back home.So I did,at the time she was just getting there,and when she got out of the car,the offcair told her to return home with the dog and case will be closed.

The whole point to this is no matter how well you protect other people from your dogs or your dogs from people there is always ONE stupid idoit in the world that will see if he can get bite.We then found out that the bite was a pinprick size wound that could have been caused from anything.

Can you believe this crap we as pet ownwers have to put up with,But man it's nice to have friends in HIGH places.

Update:Are dog is grounded to our house until the 10th,and then they will come out to see him to check if he has rabies

Here is our killer dog Jasper.

Attachment 1806

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Unread 11-03-2007, 04:37 PM   #13
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OMG he truely looks like a killer! and the dog looks like a terror too!
Quietly, quietly, quietly making noise.
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