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Unread 03-28-2008, 11:07 AM   #1
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Default FS: Nice! 2002 Corvette Coupe, Quicksilver/Torch Red, 46k miles, $23k, Tampa Bay

Note: if you PM me on this car, please include your email address.

Regretfully selling my 2002 coupe. Reason for sale: ordering 2009 Z06. Yes, I'm getting a Z06 but I still hate to sell this one. It's a great car with a very rare combo of colors and options and I will miss it very much. If I could afford to keep both, I would!

Factory options:
• Quicksilver exterior
• Torch Red interior
• Z-51, 6-speed
• Optional AM/FM/cassette head unit (last year available, on request only)
• Rear mount CD changer
• Both tops
• Body side moldings
• 1SB (highest) trim package, which includes:
o Dual power sport seats
o Dual zone air conditioning
o Memory package
o Fog lamps
o Floor mats
o Power telescoping steering column
o Heads up display
o Active handling
o Twilight sentinel
o Electrochromatic mirrors
o Luggage shade and parcel net

Car was purchased from Roger's Corvettes in Maitland, Florida on 4/6/2006 with 864 miles on it. It has shown no problems and no leaks from its low-use early life. As this is written mileage is at about 46,000 but it's a daily driver so that goes up all the time. This car is owned and loved by an experienced enthusiast and ex-GM Proving Ground engineer. No effort has been spared in maintaining it or preserving it, save that it is driven every day. It has been down the drag strip for 3 or 4 passes and has been flat-out on several occasions, but it has NOT been flogged or abused, at least by my definition. It has always had excellent professional maintenance, mostly by Greg Lovell at AntiVenom in Seffner, Florida, but some early work was done by Vern at Chevy Service Center in Seminole, Florida. Both are excellent.

Believe it or not, I cant remember that this car EVER had a repair, other than the battery going out, and an overheated fusible link to the starter from running near the headers. When that was fixed we put spark plug wire heat boots on it. Other than that, nothing, nada, zip!

All original factory parts have been retained and are included, except where noted. All of these were installed by Greg at AntiVenom.

• American Racing 1 3/4" stainless steel headers, with AIR fittings
• American Racing x-pipe with Random Technology cats. Catless American Racing X-pipe also included, and has never been installed.
• Z06 Titanium catback
• Callaway Honker cold-air induction system. This system requires cutting a hole in the radiator shroud. I didn't want to cut the original so I bought a replacement and had Greg cut that. The original is included.
• Ported throttlebody
• Mike Norris catch can, anodized natural aluminum finish
• Z06 fuel rail covers, clearcoated
• Orbital Red Top battery, recent
• 180 thermostat, coolant changed to distilled water with Water Wetter and 10% Dexcool
• AntiVenom tune, fans adjusted, etc., further tweaked by me. Car currently has an HPTuners RTT OS in it. I can reflash to stock or make any other changes needed. HPTuners software and cable are not included.
• CAGS bypass installed, and also tuned out of the PCM.
• Car made 351 RWHP and 364 RWTQ on AntiVenom's Dynojet dyno. Ran a 12.69 at almost 114 on 5-year-old OEM runflats at its only meaningful time at the track. Has seen 183 mph on the GPS, 186 on HUD. It's a sweet one.

• Elite Engineering stainless steel tunnel plate (Abs of Steel), with Thermal-Abs blanket.
• Z06 front sway (rear Z-51 sway is same size as Z06 already), metal links
• Z06 rear spring (front Z-51 spring is same as Z06)
• Bilstein Sport shocks, originals not included
• Lowered moderately on stock bolts, bushings not cut
• Aligned to slightly more aggressive than Z06 specs
• Z06 calipers, originals not included
• Carbotech high-performance brake pads, originals not included. These work GREAT, even cold, much better than the stockers, but they are wearing the rotors pretty fast, and they do throw off a fair amount of dust. The dust is easy to remove and non-corrosive, as brake dust goes.
• Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
• Motul 660 brake fluid
• Z06 wheels, OEM Speedline, some curb rash. New TPS sensors were installed when these went on. Original wheels and TPS sensors included.
• Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires, stock Z06 sizes. Tires are about half-worn.

• Column-lock blocker installed
• Elite Engineering "heel-toe" gas pedal and dead pedal
• Kirban shifter with large black round shift ball
• Window Valet
• iPod2Car adapter
• Lloyds 2-logo cargo mat in Torch Red
• Lloyds 1-logo floor mats, in Torch Red
• Lloyd's clear front mat protectors, driver's side shows some wear.
• Factory mats included and are mint, as they were removed when I got it.
• iPod2Car, using the rear CD changer hookup. The cord is routed forward and comes up in the ashtray area. Your iPod will fit nicely in there and the ashtray door will close. Ashtray and lighter have been removed for clearance, and are included.
• CD changer and cartridge included, but not installed, as you can't use it if the iPod2Car is installed. If buyer prefers I will reinstall it.
• 3-compartment storage/organizer tray. I was told this was originally a GM factory accessory, but I got mine from Mid-America.
• Original owner's manual package, folder, pen, notepad, etc.
• Original window sticker
• Both fobs, 4 keys

• Elite Engineering radiator screen
• Elite Engineering aluminum rocker guards
• Hood seal
• Cowl air filter
• Sill Ease sill protectors
• Tail light seals
• NOAH car cover and (tattered) bag
• Two roof protectors, one a one-side cover style that is good for use in the car, and the other is a full slipcase style that is good for indoor storage.

• The lower rear fascia is painted in Spiral Gray Metallic. This work was done by Tim Burke of Burke Corvettes in Maitland, Florida.
• Racemesh full screen package. Only the front screens were installed, the side and rear screens are included.
• Clear corner front turn signals
• Rear deck emblem removed, a new one is included

Car has never been in an accident but has a "blemish" on the Carfax: it was vandalized in February of this year. The creep threw a piece of concrete through the back window. No damage was done to the liftgate, thank goodness, but flying shards of glass took some chips out of nearby paint. A police report was filed and they took photos, although I have no photos. Repairs were performed by Superior Auto Body in Pinellas Park, one of the best in Florida. I have all the documentation on the work performed. Front and back glass and seals were replaced, much (maybe all?) of the liftgate was painted, the halo was painted, the top of the right quarter was painted, and blending/clearing of nearby panels was performed as needed. It turned out fabulous. In addition, the car had a factory defect in the paint where the paint on the trailing edge of the inner lip of the right front fender was peeling from road debris impacts. For whatever reason, paint adhesion there was poor. Since it was in the shop anyways I had them fix that area, which required re-clearing the entire fender. No other areas of the factory paint have shown symptoms of this.

There are a few stone chips on the front of the car, which 46k daily drivers will have.

On the inside, the driver's seat is showing some wear. I'm a heavy guy and the lower seat cushion and leather is showing that. There is also some scratching of the left-side bolster. There is some minor marring of the console finish around the area of the seatbelt buckles. Other than that, the interior is in excellent condition.

The Callaway Honker is rubbing on the inside of the hood and this has removed some paint in two spots.

Shifter rattles.

Terms of Sale:
$23,000. I still owe on the car and the credit union has the title. Payment would have to be made to them in a form they found acceptable. I am not upside-down.

Please, no tire-kickers or time-wasters. No low-ballers, don't waste your time or mine. The car is priced fairly right where it is. Price is perhaps a little negotiable, but not much, at least not at this time. If it doesn't sell, ask me again in June.

This is a great car and if you buy it you will be very happy with it.

Car is in far south St. Petersburg, just north of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

Again, note: if you PM me on this car, please include your email address.

Here's the first of many pics. I'm working on getting the rest prepared and uploaded, so the list will grow over the next couple of days. All were taken today, so show the car's current condition.

All pics, as well as higher-res versions, are availlable at this URL:

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Unread 03-28-2008, 07:02 PM   #2
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Name : Rick Hice
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I believe that's a great price. Good Luck with the sale
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Unread 03-28-2008, 09:16 PM   #3
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Thank you Sir!
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Unread 03-28-2008, 10:07 PM   #4
vett boy
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Your price is fair.I've had an 03 vert FS for almost a year and I think it's sold.I am also going to be on the 09 list come June 1st.Good luck on the sale.
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Unread 03-28-2008, 10:34 PM   #5
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Default Engine Pics

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Unread 03-28-2008, 10:35 PM   #6
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Default Interior Pics

Don't be thrown off by the color on some of these. It's all normal Torch Red, and the Lloyd's mat is a perfect match.

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Unread 03-29-2008, 02:26 AM   #7
98 softtail
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98 softtail will become famous soon enough98 softtail will become famous soon enough

Beautiful Car. Good luck on the sale.

Joe B.
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Unread 04-13-2008, 07:45 PM   #8
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Nice Vette...good luck with your sale
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Unread 04-13-2008, 09:52 PM   #9
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Nice looking ride, fair price, don't think you should have any problem finding it a new home, Good luck
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Unread 05-03-2008, 10:37 AM   #10
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Car is sold, for $22.5k.
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