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Engine replacement in C8 Z06

Surprisingly, I've come across places that offer ECM reconditioning services when it malfunctions. Two of our previous cars, a Chevy HHR and a Mercury Mariner, experienced ECM failure. While the dealership quoted $1400 for the HHR ECM replacement, I found a company in Ft. Lauderdale that rebuilt it for only $160 and offered a lifetime warranty. The same was true for the Mercury. Both cars ran smoothly after the ECM replacement, and all I needed to provide was the old ECM and the VIN number.

Joe Biden has announced his goal for 50% of new cars sold in America to be electric by 2030. Personally, I'd rather walk or ride a horse than buy an electric car. There are simply too many reasons why I don't think it's a feasible solution.

It seems that even Chrysler is now joining the EV trend, with no more Hemi Chargers being produced after this year. It's unbelievable!

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