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Need a reputable transmission shop I can trust!!


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Does anyone know of a good corvette transmission repair shop in the tampa bay area that knows the workings of the C5 six speed tranny and linkage. Have a problem with the shifter popping out of first gear and hard to get into reverse. Years ago a non corvette tranny guy resealed the tranny and when I picked it up it popped out of first gear and reverse. I rotated the linkage bar clockwise and was able to get it to stay in first but still popped out of reverse. Drove like this for ten years and finally had a clutch replaced and the problem is worse. I can turn the linkage bar clockwise like before and tighten the bolt on the clamp and get it to stay in first gear but now cant get it into reverse. You can hear the gears touching but wont engage. The shop that replaced the clutch thinks the couplers on the end of the linkage bar where bent by the non corvette tranny guy making the bar shorter so he had to pull the shifter box as far back as possible to get to work. I purchased a replacement linkage bar but now can't find a tranny shop to just replace the linkage bar. They just want to rebuild the tranny. It shifts fine from one to six once I get it onto first gear so hoping its just the rod and not the tranny. Thanks for any input/suggestions.
I can't vouch for them personally but I have watched a bunch of videos done by them, and purchased parts from them to fix my own driver's seat (one of these days). The parts they sold me seem to be top notch with the machining. They seem competent from what I have seen, but I suggest you talk with them yourself to see if they can help you.


Good luck!