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Temporary shutdown coming

Rich Z

Internet Sanitation Engineer
Staff member
This site is going to me migrated to a new platform as well as a new server by the end of this week (week beginning 07-01-2024). As such sometime over the next few days the site will be shut down prior to the move to stabilize the database for the transfer. Should only be down for a day or three. You will know it is back up when you come back and it looks completely different,

Logins should remain the same as well as all the basic content. There are certainly going to be some wrinkles to be ironed out, but that is to be expected. I doubt anyone will die from the experience, though.

I was temped to just let the site go away, but there is some stuff here I would really hate to lose. And who know? Maybe right after pigs learn to fly the site COULD bounce back again!
Yeah, not much traffic here from anyone interested, but I just LIKE having this forum. Since I have my own server, if doesn't cost me all that much to keep it.
Just checking to see if all the active members here have been able to log in to the new site. So are both of you still with me? :giggle: