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Traction control problem??


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Hi Everyone, Had a Traction control problem today during my drive home. The right front brake locked up sending the Vette almost into the right lane next to me. I checked for codes and only found B2263H which is for the right mirror. Does anyone have any idea of what caused this? I recently replaced the Yaw sensor that is supposed to be a new Yaw sensor. Thanks for any advice. Phil
I had a wheel speed sensor in the right front hub in my 09Z do that pulling out of the garage one morning. Required replacing the hub since the sensor is integral to that part. Or if you are lucky, the wire could have gotten abraded somehow and can be fixed more easily.
Thanks for the reply. I just replaced all four wheel bearings last year so I thought it might be the accelerometer sensor on the passenger side floor but I have no diagnostic codes for 28TCS. I do have two codes for PCM. P0420HC and P0430 HC. Just had the upper Oxygen sensors replaced when I had the clutch replaced a few months ago so maybe the aft oxygen sensors have gone bad. Maybe the Yaw sensor I Replaced a few months ago is bad. Not sure. Would very stiff shocks effect the traction control sensors. I installed a set of Doug Rippie Bilstein shocks that are way stiffer then Bilstein HD shocks. Anyway thanks for the info, Phil
I don't see how an oxygen sensor going bad would cause your right front wheel to lock up.

Is it a continual problem or was it a one time thing?

Seems rather odd that you wouldn't have a specific error code showing up for the braking system to give you a clue.

Can you get the car on a lift and take a look at that right front wheel? Specifically looking at the hub to see if the sensor or wiring there has gotten damaged. And to see if the wheel turns easily.
Traction control problems.

Hi Rich. I added the question about the oxygen sensor code to see if anyone had the P0420HC and P0430HC codes trigger after replacing the upper oxygen sensors. Thought maybe the post catalytic oxygen sensors are bad.
The problem with the right front brake locking is a sporadic event. The front right brake has locked up when I turn left or right and when I just drive straight down the road. I did not see what came up on the DIC as I was watching the traffic to avoid a collision. I check the diagnostic codes using the dash buttons and with my Autel computer and found no traction control codes. When I checked the data page all the values on the screen were black and within normal limits except for the value for the Magna Steering Command Current that was red and was -1.99. Not sure if that means anything. Thank for any help, Phil
If it were me I would want to put eyeballs on that hub and sensor looking for an abraded wire. Even just pull the plug, clean it up with electronics cleaning spray and reseat it. Then look for ground points that might be corroded. Bad grounds can cause all sorts of ghosty problems.
Traction control issues.

Thanks for the info. I will take the wheel off this weekend and inspect the speed sensor wires and connectors and clean them as you suggest. Hopefully it's something simple.