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Need Corvette Performance Shop


I bought my 2008 ZO6 new and have enjoyed every minute of ownership. I now have 86.000 miles on it.

The one thing I would change is the sound. I miss the sound my old C3 made with the mechanical cam (stock 1970 LT-1 cam) and Flowmaster exhaust. People knew when I started it up and it idled with a definite lope.

I'm considering having a new cam installed in my C6 along with some head and exhaust work. I'm not really looking for a lot more horsepower and torque but rather more of that old powerful sound you hear a street rod make when it arrives at a show. I don't track the car, it is used as a daily driver so I don't want the driveability to suffer a lot.

If I were in the mid-west I'd take it to Katech but since I live just outside of Tampa I'd like to find someone local that is experienced in this kind of performance work.

Does anyone on this Forum have someone they would recommend ?
I've heard nothing but good about these folks.


I briefly saw/heard a CTS V like mine that had a performance cam in it and, yes, I longed for the old school performance motors. Mine is plenty powerful, but the old cammed up motors puts a smile on my face!
Yeah, give Greg at AntiVenom a call. That will likely be your best bet locally.

But bear in mind, the more lope you have in the camshaft the more driveability at low speed might suffer as a result. Kind of the nature of the beast with radical camshafts.
Yeah, give Greg at AntiVenom a call. That will likely be your best bet locally.

Sadly, I must withdraw any recommendations I have made in the past for Greg Lovell at Antivenom, now in Plant City, FL. I'm not sure what his priorities and motivations are lately, but they do not seem to revolve around returning contact attempts being made by me (and possibly others) trying to engage his services on my (their) vehicle. Perhaps he just does not want or need the business, but whatever the cause, there is a real good chance you may be wasting your time trying to contact him to do work on your vehicle. Or as happened with me, you do get a response and he says he will get back to you when he can work on your vehicle, and that "get back to you" never takes place.

Personally, after months of trying to contact the guy, I have abandoned any thoughts of having him work on any of my vehicles. Your mileage may vary, of course.